5 e-commerce tips to make the 2021 sales a success

A must-see for advertisers, sales are therefore a very competitive time of year. These tips will allow you to be ready to take advantage of it and boost your e-commerce sales.

Today we give you 5 tips to succeed in the winter sales 2021 on your e-commerce.

    1. Sale 2021: Anticipate your e-commerce campaigns
    2. Start with private sales for your customers
    3. Adapt your site and your communication
    4. Choose email to communicate with your customers and subscribers
    5. Animate for the duration of the operation

1. Sale 2021: Anticipate your e-commerce campaigns

We advise you to start working two months in advance on your business calendar and editorial schedule.

This will allow you to visualize the planned actions, make sure that you cover all the time of the operation and that you have planned to use all the communication channels at your disposal (and those you can decide to test on this occasion).

From this calendar you will be able to define the list of content you will need for your different communications on different formats and levers. 

Doing this preparatory work will ensure you are ready and not miss any highlights. This will also allow you to anticipate the release of your campaigns on advertising platforms, for example you have to take into account that the time of validation by Facebook will be lengthened by the large number of campaigns set in the days before the launch date, count 48 hours on average.

So you can plan to set up your campaigns at least 3 days before the sales launch to make sure they’re running smoothly on D-Day.

2. Start with private sales for your customers

Sales are the perfect opportunity to strengthen the relationship with your customers: invite them to take advantage of your offers before anyone else by giving them exclusive access to private sales.

Private sales usually start several weeks before the sales, so do the same to keep your competitors ahead of the curve and to start boosting your e-commerce sales before the launch date

It is more profitable to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one, thanks to this type of private transaction, you will increase your re-purchase rate

3. Adapt your site and your communication

Your site and all your communications must live in the colours of the sales. Here are some best practices to apply on your e-commerce site:

  • Dress up your homepage
  • Create a “special balances” page that will also serve as a landing page for your campaigns, this will have a positive effect on their performance
  • Work on displaying the prices sold on your product pages: highlight the price barred and the price sold thanks to the colors and typos and the amount of the percentage of the discount using a lozenge for example
  • Recall the terms of the operation with a blindfold
  • Adapt your abandoned shopping cart emails by recalling the business mechanics and the end date of the operation to create a sense of urgency.

4. Choose email to communicate with your customers and subscribers

Take this opportunity to speak and communicate with your customers and subscribers. Email is a highly efficient channel in terms of conversion but also the most suitable to offer content and personalized offers according to your different targets.

Depending on your goals, adapt your message and tone. For example, let your customers discover the depth of your range to make them want to discover other products or offer them products complementary to their previous purchases.

For your prospects you can highlight your best sellers, it is a sure bet to have them converted and discover your brand.

Use the product recommendation in your emails and segment your databases to customize and adapt your marketing email campaigns, several tools like Mailchimp or Omnisend make it easy to set up these types of campaigns by connecting directly to your e-commerce CMS. 

5. Animate for the duration of the operation

The sales last several weeks, in order to optimize your performance over the duration of the operation, you must avoid the shortness of breath that can occur after the launch.

For this, plan an animation calendar and multi-speed commercial mechanics.

Each week, you can offer your target a different or more interesting offer than the previous week. You can launch different mark-ups by communicating them on Tuesday night to get ahead of your competitors or you can set up an additional discount from a minimum amount of expense or from a number of items purchased.

The goal here is to surprise your audience with offers that are renewed every week

As you will have understood, the sales period is a commercial operation not to be missed because it is highly anticipated by consumers and therefore key to your annual turnover.

The watchword for successful sales on your e-commerce is anticipation: prepare your action plan at least two months before the start of the operation to be able to cover all the highlights and ensure the animation of your site and your campaigns for the duration of the operation.

We wish you the best of luck with these 2021 winter sales, which are resolutely e-commerce-turned.

Need help boosting your sales during business operations? Contact us for a turnkey strategy and high-performance content tailored to your e-commerce and target. We wish you the best of luck with these 2021 sales!