Data analysis

Understand the attitudes and behaviors of consumers towards your products, services or brand, to better understand their life cycle and set up relevant campaigns thanks to predictions and results.

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What is the purpose of data analysis?

Data analysis allows you to know the buying behavior, to predict the needs of your customers and to optimize the production tool. Analysis tools such as Google Analytics and social media can be used to best meet your customers’ expectations. But they can be completed and refined to obtain a more precise granularity and better adapt your business to your consumers.

CRM data cleansing and enrichment

Centralize and categorize customer data (contacts, customers, purchases, emails...).

Method: ETL

Dashboard creation

Selection and addition of data sources to centralize them for better readability.

Tool: Data Studio

Customer segmentation

Understand consumer attitudes and behavior towards products to better define their life cycle (and lifetime-value).

Tool: Python

Predictive marketing

Anticipating Churn and customer needs.
Method: Machine Learning
Data visualization (Interactive Dashboard) Tool: Power BI

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