Delitoon multiplies its digital platform's revenues by 5 in 5 months

Delitoon multiplies its digital platform's revenues by 5 in 5 months

Founded in 2011, DELITOON is the first digital publishing house specializing in Webtoon (the popular "manga" in South Korea). Delitoon allows you to read manga series in French, of various genres (horror, science fiction, romance, thriller, boy's love…) on your smartphone via an app or on the internet through the website by scrolling vertically.

Delitoon – Spaag: The Encounter

Delitoon is calling on Spaag with the aim of accelerating its business by
rapidly growing and sustaining its turnover. 

Delitoon's challenges

  • Convert freemium subscribers from the platform into customers
  • Find new customers through online acquisition campaigns
  • Increase the re-purchase rate of existing customers

Strategy and levers put in place by Spaag


  • Audit and technical optimization
  • Google Display campaign to drive traffic with outsiders on different audience types
  • Acquisition campaigns (downloads) on Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Apple Search Ads


  • Customer base analysis and behavioural pattern identification
  • Creating and setting up funnels of automation emails


Creating and implementing customer scoring and a loyalty program

The results achieved

  • 440% on sales in 5 months
  • x2 on how often customers buy
  • 11.5% on the average basket
  • x2 on the number of customers

"Spaag's intervention was essential in unfiltering decryption of tools (such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads), their uses and especially good practices. Many agencies offer to do it for you but you don't learn anything, so you don't improve anything. With Spaag, we move hand in hand, like an integrated team, we share and come out enriched."

Didier Borg - Founder and CEO of Delitoon photo

Didier Borg – Founder and CEO of Delitoon

Like Delitoon, use Spaag to help you achieve your growth goals with powerful, scalable growth hacking strategies and millimeter execution.

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