HeavyM doubles sales in 3 months

HeavyM doubles sales in 6 months


HeavyM is a video mapping software developed by Digital Essence. With its various formulas available, HeavyM is aimed at individuals and professionals, but also schools or companies related to events. 

HeavyM – Spaag: The Encounter


When HeavyM calls on Spaag in early 2020, they want to acquire new online subscribers and expand their professional customer base to ensure regular revenues that will allow them to continue to expand their offerings. 

HeavyM's challenges

  • Position the HeavyM Pro offer and help launch the product to increase the number of pro customers
  • Improve the site's natural referencing to get more qualified traffic
  • Set up and optimize advertising campaign cycles to increase the number of people who subscribe to the free trial in order to increase the number of customers

Strategy and levers put in place by Spaag



  • Created ads on Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Linkedin Ads.
  • Traffic generation, retargeting, lead generation and user generation.


  • Product positioning and launch strategy.

  • Advice on creating brand positioning.


Audit of the current site, technical improvements, increased site awareness and optimization of content.


Setting up and producing texts and visuals for advertising campaigns and SEO.

The results achieved

  • 24% download of the trial version in S1 2020 (vs S1 2019)

  • x2.1 on the number of sales over the campaign period

  • 48% of ads downloads over the campaign period


Like HeavyM, use Spaag to help you achieve your growth goals with high-performance, scalable growth hacking strategies and millimeter execution.

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