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Spaag helps your company to achieve a quick and sustainable growth while optimizing costs. How do we work? With a strong dedication to your objectives, values and ideas. We are your external marketing team committed to your project, to test and develop your growth opportunities through data-driven and multi-source acquisition strategies.
Twice awarded firm in 2023 by Stratégies and La Nuit des Rois 🏆

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Why choose Spaag and work with us?

An entrepreneurial DNA and a global growth marketing approach.

Because we were born in a start-up studio, we have a strong entrepreneurial DNA, and have developed a ROI driven and multi channel focus methodology. We help you identify the most relevant growth opportunities, across the entire AARRR conversion funnel.

Data and customer knowledge within the roots of our actions.

We combine data analysis and rigorous test and learn methods to continuously improve customer insight and marketing relevancy.

A flexible and committed outsourced marketing team.

We are a dedicated and fully international team with a strong expertise in your sector and a lot of learnings from our clients, who masters all the organic and paid growth channels and mindset. But it goes without saying : we stay as close as possible to your challenges in order to maximize your performance.

Consulting, operating and training.

Our experts will support you, starting from the strategy over to the operational implementation and training, with tailor-made programs for you and your team.

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Our teams master all the  B2C and B2B growth hacking strategies and acquisition channels

Lead generation & Inbound Marketing

Copywriting, community building, influence, affiliation, email automation and customised scenarios, editorial planning and newsletters.

funnel AARRR

A data driven and ROI methodology

We adopt a scientific method to maximize performance, by learning everyday and being more efficient:

1. Analysis of your customers and business data in order to establish the most suitable hypothesis which should to be tested.

2. Structuring a detailed plan, with several sprints of 2 to 3 weeks A/B testing, all adapted to your field.

3. Confirmation or invalidation of the established hypothesis, followed by continuous learning which allows us to optimize actions towards an even better performance.

4. Injection of data and learnings in acquisition strategies for better accuracy and qualification.

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