How will the Apple IOS 14 update impact your Facebook Ads campaigns?

As Apple announced at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) last June, the new IOS 14 update will prioritize the privacy of its users. This update will come at the expense of collecting data used by advertising platforms like Facebook to target advertisers’ campaigns.

What’s in the IOS 14 update?

In this new version of iOS, which will be rolled out in early 2021, Apple introduces ATT (App Tracking Transparency), a new feature that will force mobile apps available on the Apple store to explicitly ask their users for permission to track their activities.

With this new feature, Apple is responding to the growing demand and need of users to keep their data confidential, responding to the insistent demands of NGOs and consumer groups.

IOS 14 update: what’s going to happen to the user?

For each application, the user will receive a notification that “The app wants to be allowed to follow you on apps and websites owned by other companies. Your data will be used to send you personalized advertisements.” Apple will allow it to choose between “Allowing tracking” or “Ask the app not to follow you.”


Transparency Tracking App: What impact does facebook ad campaign performance have on?

Through its official release, Facebook lists the targeting options that will be hindered with this feature:

  • Effectively deliver ads to people based on their interactions with your business
  • Measuring and reporting on customer conversions
  • Make sure your ads have been shown to the most relevant audiences and at the right frequency
  • Accurately assign app installations to iOS 14 users and later versions
  • Predict and optimize cost per share over the long term and allocate budgets effectively

In practical terms, the data collection limit will no longer target the activity of certain iOS users based on their interests and it will no longer be possible to retarget users who have interacted with your ads or your site from their iPhone. 

Without tracking the conversions of these users, it will also be more complex to track the performance of advertising campaigns and the true cost per result of them. 

This Apple update is just the first step towards full privacy of users’ data, a need that is becoming indispensable for consumers. In order to continue to reach new audiences and attract new customers, advertisers will need to work on their acquisition strategies by intelligently combining free and paid levers to be less dependent on targeted advertising platforms like Facebook and Google. Need advice in your acquisition strategy? We help you build a sustainable long-term strategy that fits your target and goals, contact us!

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