Influence and Affiliate marketing

Improve your brand awareness and image with influencer marketing. Increase your online revenue easily with affiliate marketing.

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Why have an influence strategy?

In the age of online shopping, buyers are always looking for opinions and recommendations. They trust influential personalities. Influencer marketing and affiliate marketing are becoming inevitable elements in the construction of a brand’s digital strategy in order to raise its notoriety positively.

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Reach new customers and develop your brand's reputation by opting for a new form of communication with your community. We help you choose your influencers and build a sustainable influencer strategy.

Affiliate marketing

A simple and flexible model to acquire new customers through affiliates who will make sales in exchange for a commission.

Delitoon's use case

Founded in 2011, Delitoon is the first digital publishing house specialising in Webtoon (the popular "manga" in South Korea).

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