Kinomap: 117% of new subscribers in 3 months

2000 freemium subscriptions to the Kinomap app in 3 months

Founded in 2011, Kinomap offers an app that uses video for indoor sports. The application adapts the difficulty of the session to the chosen video and allows you to train on routes on the other side of the world on various types of devices: apartment bike, treadmill, rower.

Kinomap – Spaag: The Encounter

Kinomap is using Spaag to expand its user and subscriber base as well as develop its customer retention strategy.

Kinomap's challenges

  • Increase the number of users of the app during the high season and find mechanics to stay performing in low season
  • Improving the retention rate of mobile app users
  • Put in place a cost-effective marketing strategy and plan that is tailored to seasonal cycles

Strategy and levers put in place by Spaag


  • Implementing a full funnel AARRR strategy: Generating skilled traffic and acquisition and retargeting campaigns via Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Apple Search Ads levers.


  • Optimizing the presence of the Kinomap app in app stores to generate more downloads.
  • Creating and implementing tools to gamify and animation the user community to increase retention.


  • Optimizing the highlights of the year and increasing activity on low-time events via seasonally-oriented campaigns.


  • Customer base analysis and strategic recommendations.
  • Creating and implementing email automation scenarios.

The results achieved

  • 117% new subscribers in 3 months compared to the previous season
  • 2.1 ROAS on the 2018-2019 season campaigns
  • 60% of new accounts created in 3 months compared to the previous season

Like Kinomap, use Spaag to help you achieve your growth goals with high-performance, scalable growth hacking strategies and millimeter execution.

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