Rolide: 250% net ROI on e-commerce in 4 months

X2 on sales in 4 months thanks to e-commerce

Craftsmen, Julien and Quentin have developed a product for craftsmen: a sliding floor adaptable to all commercial vehicles and pick ups. Rolide sliding floors allow for total exctraction of the load of a utility vehicle, a considerable saving of time and more comfort for users. 

Rolide – Spaag: The Encounter

Until April 2020, Rolide sold its BtoB sliding floors to bodybuilders and dealers. After the first containment linked to the health crisis of covid19, Julien and Quentin called on Spaag to digitize their strategy and multiply their turnover through a multi-lever digital strategy.

Rolide's challenges

  • Develop a new online sales channel in e-commerce
  • Acquiring new customers online
  • Convert the existing lead base

Strategy and levers put in place by Spaag


  • Redesign and optimization of the showcase site in e-commerce platform. 


  • Creating specific content for Facebook Ads ads and emails
  • Launch of SEA and SMA acquisition and retargeting campaigns (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Youtube Ads)
  • Testing – Learn and continuous campaign optimization: audience performance, visuals and messages


  • Conversion of the lead base through an emailing strategy and a calendar of business events


  • Setting up an annual editorial and commercial animation schedule
  • Testing – learn and optimization of promotional mechanics
  • Production of content (text and visual) for each operation


  • Production of visual content (image, video, gifs) and editorials adapted to Ads performance analysis results

The results achieved

  • 50% of total e-commerce sales
  • x5 on e-commerce sales in 4 months
  • 18 of ROAS on paid ads campaigns (Facebook Ads – Google Ads)
  • 423% of website traffic in 4 months

"We are very happy with Spaag because the actions put in place have allowed us to grow our turnover, much faster than what we had been able to achieve with our sales team. I recommend them for their proactivity on digital strategy and e-commerce which allowed us to double our turnover in four months with a net ROI of 250%."

Julien Serrurier, co-founder of Rolide photo

Julien Serrurier, co-founder of Rolide

Like Rolide, use Spaag to help you achieve your growth goals with high-performance, scalable growth hacking strategies and millimeter execution.

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