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Why should you implement an SEA strategy?

A SEA strategy allows you to position your website, or any web page, on search engines. Using keywords and search queries, you can target intentional searchers to promote effectively your brand, products, or services.
Your content is better-distributed thanks to the choice of keywords and audiences, you increase your visibility as well as your leads and sales.

Google Ads

Use Google, YouTube, Gmail, or the Playstore to promote your brand, services, or products.

Display & Video 360

Use a Display campaign to increase your visibility with attractive visuals and freedom of format.

Amazon Ads

Optimize your site and page performance with dedicated ads. The reach of its Display network is very wide.

Bing Ads

Use Bing Ads to promote your service or products. Also appear on the Yahoo search network.

Delitoon's use case

Founded in 2011, Delitoon is the first digital publishing house specialising in Webtoon (the popular "manga" in South Korea).

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