Social Media Advertising (SMA)

Use the most effective social media advertising method to reach your target buyers and achieve your goals.

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Why use social media?

Social media are among the best acquisition channels: with increasingly accurate market targeting tools, and nearly 4.2 billion users worldwide, develop your business with the most used platforms in the world.
Optimize your brand awareness and image, as well as your online conversions, while reaching precisely and effectively your target audience.

Facebook Ads

Reach a wide target of potential customers on the world's most used social media.

Instagram Ads

Build awareness and generate sales on Instagram.

LinkedIn Ads

Send a personalized message to initiate conversion or distribute your content to your BtoB target.

Pinterest Ads

Use the most inspiring network to promote your service or products.

TikTok Ads

Promote your brand on the world's fastest growing and most innovative social media.

Snapchat Ads

Make your brand known to young people by positioning yourself on their favorite social media.

Twitter Ads

Increase your brand awareness, generate bellies and quickly develop your community.

Any other

We adapt to all social media that allow you to reach your target: Twitch, Telegram...

Discover all our expertise for your social ads campaigns.

Awareness campaign

We help you reach new customers and build your brand reputation.

Acquisition campaign

We help you acquire new customers and/or new leads to reach your goals.

Retargeting campaign

We help you retarget audiences who have already shown an interest in your business.

Retention campaign

We implement a fidelity strategy for your brand, product or service.

The I-DO case

I-DO is a German company that sells organic fruit juices. Our goal: to increase the volume of business sales through social media campaigns.

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