The Exotec case

Exotec x Spaag

Helping a French unicorn expand internationally

The Exotec case
“We discovered a very dynamic, international firm with multicultural and multilingual members.”
The Exotec case

Goal 1

Use Search Engine Optimization (SEA) to double traffic to our website from the US, Germany and France. These countries represent a huge potential.

Goal 2

Improve the SEO of the English, German and French versions of the website.

The levers

  • SEO / SEA: enables us to drive more traffic to our various sites
  • Dynamics Search Ads (DSA) on Google Ads to generate relevant ads
  • Max performance using niche keywords to attract qualified traffic

Spaag methodology

We prioritized SEO and SEA support in order to structure existing demand, which is specific and ultra-targeted. It’s not so much a campaign of conquest as of capture.

  • Use SEA (paid search) to double traffic to the US and German sites.
  • Improve the SEO (natural search engine optimization) of the English, German and French versions of the website.

The results of our actions

The Exotec case

Exotec designs and develops revolutionary solutions combining robotics and software to optimize order picking for industry, retail and e-commerce. After raising 335 million euros in capital, Exotec is looking to implement a high-performance digital strategy and invest with relevance.

The challenge is twofold: to raise the brand’s profile in countries with strong economic potential, and to digitalize appointment scheduling for sales staff.

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