A global player in cosmetics

A global player in cosmetics B2C x Spaag

Achieve results 5 times better than market figures

Mission objectives

The global player in cosmetics B2C

Goal 1

Validate the potential market for the launch of the brand's new products with a 5OOO€ budget.

Goal 2

Find the target and the messages that work best, as well as the relevant levers, without compromising an optimal purchasing path, all at the best cost.

The levers

When creating the campaigns, we made sure to use the most relevant lever for the target. That's why we chose :

Meta to create ads tailored to each target's preferences and needs.

Spaag Go To Market methodology

Study of insights from the brand’s Happy Ageing study (a trend celebrating self-acceptance and learning to age well) and brainstorming with Spaag to define personae and communication axes.

Implementation of our proprietary strategy, the aim of which is to validate, or not, a new concept (brand, product, pricing, positioning) by determining whether the target is interested.

To reach this conclusion, various aspects of the subject will be tested via advertising. These tests are organized in the form of “sprints”, which have a fixed duration, and at the end of which the learnings enable us to refine the hypotheses and thus find the most effective martingale.

Creation of a test “fake brand” and its universe with a logo, a brand platform and a landing page specific to the needs of each target.
Creation and launch of ads to be broadcast on Meta (Facebook) and organization of sprints over two months.

The results of our actions

The global players cosmetics B2C

A global player in cosmetics B2C

The innovation department of a leading cosmetics company has identified an opportunity in the creation of a range of creams designed for the over-65s.

They wanted to test the market by preparing a Go To Market to confirm the interest of a new target group for an innovative product different from their current range. They carried out an in-house study on “Happy Ageing”, a trend which involves celebrating self-acceptance and learning how to age well.

In this context, we supported the R&D Innovation department in its choices and decision-making, thanks to reliable data gathering and precise analysis.

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