The ISTC case

ISTC x Spaag

Boost application generation with a multi-lever strategy

Mission objectives

The ISTC case


Re-energize post-bac student recruitment through complementary online actions, to accelerate :
  • In “volume”: increase the number of registrations and choices of ISTC as n°1 on Parcoursup
  • In terms of “quality”: increase selectivity and entry level. Look for ambitious candidates with a wider geographical spread.

The levers


We set up a multi-lever system across the entire conversion funnel to get students on board and convince them to choose ISTC.

Spaag multi-lever methodology

A multi-channel campaign covering the entire conversion funnel, to get students on board and convince them to choose ISTC:
  • Create awareness of the ISTC among the target audience by setting up campaigns with a landing page encouraging them to download the school’s documentation. Also including an SEO audit and optimizations to prepare for the future.
  • Have the ISTC considered and engage, setting up a landing page to showcase an E-Book on communication professions.
  • Acquisition to attract students to apply on Parcoursup: lead generation and conversion campaigns, with communication highlights based on events and decision-making deadlines.
  • Retargeting and convincing via retargeting and CRM actions: revamping tools, setting up email automations, preparing emails for key decision deadlines to support students in their choice.
Orchestration and content designed to be perceived as a real companion for students during their choice phases, including the creation of a downloadable career guide.

The results of our actions


ISTC is a private communications school based in Lille, offering a wide range of courses: bachelor’s and master’s degrees. It’s a school on a human scale, offering greater support and proximity to its students.

ISTC’s ambition is to reach the same heights as rival schools such as Science Po or Celsa.

Its main challenge is to recruit more students and expand beyond the Hauts de France region. The school therefore called on Spaag to raise its profile and generate student leads.

The challenge is twofold: to raise the brand’s profile in countries with strong economic potential, and to digitalize appointment setting for sales staff.

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