Silver Award - Grand Prix Stratégies 🏆

An acquisition in the image of Otera: unique and local

“”Thanks to our collaboration with the Spaag teams, we have put in place a digital communications strategy that not only enables us to better assert our concept and its specific features, but also to work on the local visibility of our various stores.

These campaigns have enabled us not only to strengthen our customer acquisition, but also to work on the commitment and loyalty of our customers through the animation of our sales highlights.”

Goal 1

Enhance the impact of Otera's sales action plan in all stores by relaying local digital campaigns, capitalizing in particular on two high points (Producers' Day and Christmas).

Goal 2

Boost priority stores in their catchment area to ensure that each store is in the "top of mind" of local residents.

The levers

When creating the campaigns, we made sure to take a local approach in order to promote local producers. That's why we chose :

Meta for precise geographic and demographic targeting, and to be as close as possible to the existing customer base.
Google Ads et Wazeto attract potential consumers close to the location.

Spaag methodology

Define brand-specific communication axes that make sense locally, as well as the mechanisms that will enable us to measure the conversion of in-store users from our campaigns.

Implementation of multi-local drive-to-store campaigns (in 8 cities simultaneously) to encourage consumers to go and live the in-store experience. All with local products on offer, not promotions.

Launch of local campaigns on Waze, Google Maps and Facebook, highlighting producers and benefits such as product provenance.

The results of our actions

Results of Otera

Otera is a chain of (super) markets offering a unique experience and fresh local produce, including short-distance produce. Responsible consumption is at the heart of the offer: quality, local products and a limited choice to better guide the consumer. The stores work with partner producers in the region.
There are currently 8 stores in France.

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