Top 7 tips to make your Black Friday success on your e-commerce site

Black Friday starts in a few days, this commercial operation has become key in the marketing strategy of brands and agencies. Indeed, 62% of French people take advantage of Black Friday every year to do good business, an opportunity you must not pass up. Trends such as Green Friday are confirmed and growing among eco-responsible and committed start-ups and brands, but Black Friday is still one of the most anticipated business events of the year.

If you get started, you’ll first have to develop the most enticing offer to stand out and determine the period on which it applies: Black Friday weekend only? Until Cyber Monday? The whole week before? It’s up to you to choose, depending on your business action schedule and your brand’s highlights.

Today we offer you 7 tips to optimize your visibility and sales, in order to maximize your impact during Black Friday 2020.

  1. Do teasing a few days before
  2. Dress up your site
  3. Anticipate the launch of your paid acquisition campaigns
  4. Adapt your email from abandoned baskets
  5. Take advantage of attractive prices to create a special Black Friday pack
  6. Take one last look at your site a few days before
  7. D-Day: Capture your audience with live videos on social media

1. Do teasing a few days before

Create the event and try to generate excitement around your offerings! Prepare banners and/or pop-ups on your website. Also prepare teasing emails to announce to your subscribers and customers that you are planning to make great deals for Black Friday (why not prepare a private offer upstream to thank them for their loyalty?).

This will attract curious people who will come to your website to find out, and your customers will be more attentive to your communications on D-Day. You can also imagine communicating the day before the transaction to present your customers with the benefits of your offers and encourage them to prepare their basket: they will save time on the day of the launch and will be sure to benefit from the promotions on their favorite products first?

2. Dress up your site

Be sure to create the event on your website, ideally with a wrap of your homepage and your categories and product pages: the operation must be visible on all your pages, so that the customer immediately knows what the current offer is. At a minimum, you should remind visitors of your Black Friday offer as well as the promo code (if applicable) and the terms of the offer, with a banner or contextualized images for example.

Preparing your website for Black Friday

3. Anticipate the launch of your paid acquisition campaigns

Planning to promote your Black Friday offers with ads on paid platforms, such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads? Good idea, you can multiply the promo effect! Beware of the margin: with the generosity of your offer and the cost per acquisition that you will have to spend on a transaction, think about doing your calculations!

Still going? The most important thing is to anticipate the creation and launch of your campaigns! Most brands and agencies will do the same thing as you and the time to review and validate advertising content on consoles (such as Facebook Business Manager) is going to be a little longer than usual. So take a few days in advance to avoid being surprised on D-Day and losing precious hours of broadcasting.

Anticipate Black Friday campaign validation time on Facebook Ads

4. Adapt your email from abandoned baskets

Your customers will take advantage of this promotion period to compare your offers with those of your competitors. Be sure to pick them up in their quest by changing your abandoned baskets relaunch email:

  • Shorten the timing: the operation is time-limited, so decision-making will be much faster for your customers. Set up your abandoned shopping cart emails so they leave a few hours after the basket is dropped. 
  • Adapt the content: Remember your promotional offer and the validity deadline to emphasize the urgency of taking action.

Adapt abandoned basket emails for Black Friday

5. Take advantage of attractive prices to create a special Black Friday pack

The attractive prices your brand will offer during Black Friday will be the perfect opportunity to make maximum additional sales. So offer directly in your communications bundled offers on two or three complementary products. You will increase the average basket of your orders during this period and thus the profitability of your operation.

Offer packs to push products

6. Take one last look at your site a few days before

Expect a spike in traffic over the Black Friday weekend, make sure your site is optimized to make your conversion rate the best you can be.

To do this, go around your site again to check the loading time of each page, texts, visuals, links… Make a test order to make sure there are no problems and no friction in the conversion tunnel and that you receive transactional emails.

Tip: also consider doing this tour on mobile. 55% of the traffic comes from mobile.

Last round of your site before Black Friday

7. D-Day: Capture your audience with live videos on social media

It’s D-Day: your site is impeccable, your offer is well highlighted and your campaigns are launched. You can breathe, it‘s an opportunity to chat with your community on your social networks in live format to announce the launch of your offers and tell them about some products.

With the number of banner ads that will flood the web, a little human to human communication will differentiate you from your community. 

Meet your community on social media during Black Friday

With all these tricks, you’re ready! But don’t forget, a successful Black Friday is a consistent and anticipated Black Friday, so take our 7 tips for brands:

  • Teasing ahead of Black Friday
  • Dress up your site so that your offer is visible from all your pages
  • Anticipate validation times for your paid acquisition campaigns
  • Adapt your email from abandoned baskets
  • Create a special Black Friday pack to push your products
  • Take a final look at your site (desktop and mobile) to make sure everything works
  • Discuss with your audience on D-Day for a more humane relationship

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