Zapier, the essential tool for automating tasks

Zapier, the essential tool for automating tasks

Example scheme for creating a zap -

You are CEO of a startup, marketing director, e-commerce manager … and you want to optimize your time management? Look no further.

Today we present the must-have digital tool to save time: Zapier, the service that revolutionizes the management of repetitive tasks.

What is Zapier? is a task automation tool that allows you to connect different applications to each other. objective? Make your day-to-day easier by getting the data you want at the right time and on the right channel.

More than 2000 applications are available through the tool that already has 3 million users.

Technically, Zapier can pair two or even three applications together by creating specific rules – called "zap" – of cause and effect. "Zap" are made up of applications and "triggers" that cause "actions."

Example: You decide to create the right zap: when you receive an email (trigger) on your Gmail inbox (Application 1) you want attachments to register (Action) on one of your Google Drive folders (Application 2).

In other words, zap builds an automated workflow between your applications.This feature gives companies the opportunity to automate a large part of the tasks for different services (commercial, marketing, digital …).

In practical terms, if you want to be sure that none of your employees miss an important meeting. You create a zap that via Google Calendar transmits a reminder on a slack channel of your choice.

video demonstration >>

You can of course create many zap for different tools. Here are a few listed in a non-exhaustive way:

  • Get an email when you get a new Facebook lead
  • Transer and direct Typeform responses directly into a Google Sheet document
  • Enter new Facebook leads directly into a Google Sheet

How do I use Zapier?

To take your first steps with Zapier and use it effectively, it is necessary to know the basics of the tool.

1) Set your goals

Before you create your first zap, be sure to determine your goals.

For example, you want to improve data processing after submitting a Survey Monkey survey. You determine that the ideal tool for reading data is Google Sheet, which allows you to have a direct and detailed view of the results. So you'll logically create a zap that includes the Survey Monkey and Google Sheet apps: the trigger will be the survey response and the action of transferring information to a line of the Google Sheet sheet.

2) Find available apps

To create your zap, you have a variety of interconnectable applications.Among them: Google Sheet, Facebook, Gmail, Slack, Google Calendar, Twitter, Google Drive, Pipedrive, Sendinblue… All applications can be found via the dedicated search bar on the Home Page. You can also identify them by informing your "Role" i.e. the title of your job.For example, you work in marketing, you can choose as "Role" the item "Marketer". and the tool will suggest a range of applications that can be useful to you.

Application Inventories for Marketer -

3) Create an account

Registration window -

By registering, you have a free 14-day trial and the ability to create unlimited zap during this period.

Note that some features remain free in the long term, even after the test period has expired.

The tool asks you to inform your trade as well as the 5 applications you use the most. Based on this data, Zapier offers ready-to-use zap that can match your needs.

4) Create a zap

Once logged in, you'll be able to create your first zap as well:

  • Choose the two apps to connect
  • Select trigger
  • Opt for the desired action

Creating a zap -
Example procedure for creating a zap -

5) Connect your SAAS and API apps with the tool

For each zap to be effective, you need to connect your SAAS and API applications.

Indeed, if the zap is successful, Zapier will ask you for permission to access the selected applications.

Practical case: automate your actions with Zapier

You want your email attachments stored in one of your Google Drive folders to easily find your customers' documents.

For this you:

  1. Select two useful apps to know via Zapier: Gmail and Google Drive
  2. Create your account

Registration window -

3. Make up the zap to know:

  • trigger app: Gmail
  • Connected app: Google Drive
  • Trigger: new attachment
  • Action: Move in Drive

Zap Gmail creation - Google Drive 1 -

4. Sign in to the Gmail app and then choose the trigger event (new attachment), the associated account and the trigger (inbox). You then test the trigger.

For the Google drive app you select the event (move file) and then you choose the associated account and then set up the action.WhZap Gmail creation - Google Drive 2 - zapier.comen you log in to your accounts you must allow Zapier to access them.

Permission to access Zapier accounts -

You're testing the action. After validation, you get your zap.

What is the price of the tool?

Once the trial version has expired, different subscriptions are available.

The free version, allows you to access 5 zaps that run 100 times in the month. 

Paid subscriptions range from $19.99 to $599 and offer a variety of features.

Why use Zapier?

The tool has many advantages that we will decline below:

Focus on essential tasks

With Zapier, you delegate tedious and redundant tasks with just a few clicks. This precious time can once again be used wisely on activities that are not automatable and necessary for the smooth running of the business.So you preserve your health and that of your teams by refocusing their energy on high value-added activities.

Get the right data at the right time in the right place

Zapier pairs two services that you use every day (or more) and acts as an API intermediary. So the data is sorted and organized by yourself so that you don't miss out on important information. No need to rummage through your inbox or CRM: you become more efficient and work with more serenity.

Save labour

There is no need to call on independent developers to develop SAAS integrations, or create custom software… Zapier takes care of it!

Save time

The tool allows you to remove the thankless and time-consuming tasks that weigh on your working time and that of your teams. These are automated and allow you to process a large amount of data in a short time.

For example, you need a list of people who responded to your last survey. No need for tedious and sometimes complicated imports/exports, the tool automates this action for you. You improve your speed of execution.

Now you have the basics to use Zapier. If you need to dig deeper into the specifics of the tool or be accompanied in its use contact us! 

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