PAF Juices: 180% e-commerce sales in 2020

turnover after the implementation
acquisition and retention strategy

PAF – Pressed cold – is a Parisian start-up that sells organic fruit and vegetable juices, cold-pressed thanks to HPP technology. PAF offers quality products that combine pleasure and health, they distribute their products in retail in organic stores and on the web via their e-commerce website.

PAF – Spaag: The meeting

When PAF calls on Spaag in October 2019, they need experts to support them in building and piloting a reliable long-term acquisition and retention strategy that meets ROIstes objectives.

PAF's challenges

  • Expanding the web business unit: increase from 20% to 50% of global sales via e-commerce.
  • Build and deploy an online acquisition and retention strategy aligned with the brand's business issues
  • Increase brand awareness online and find new customers on the web channel
  • Controlling and optimizing the costs of acquiring new customers


Strategy and levers put in place by Spaag

Funnel AARRR


  • Creating the acquisition strategy on the AARRR funnel model and operational campaign management via the Facebook/Instagram Ads and Google Ads (Search, Display and Shopping) platforms.
  • In-depth analysis of the customer base, profiling, scoring and segmentation of PAF client typologies.


  • Production of visual content (image, video, gifs) and editorials adapted to Ads performance analysis results.


  • Implementing a loyalty strategy through email automation scenarios tailored to each type of customer to increase the re-purchase rate and Life Time Value.


  • Strategic advice and support of the team in place.

The results achieved

  • x2 on e-commerce sales
  • 6.8 ROAS in 2020
  • -30% on acquisition cost
  • 12% value of the average basket

2020 compared to 2019

"Spaag is a true partner integrated with PAF, very serious in its support and very effective on strategic but also purely operational issues."

Claire Pareja - e-commerce manager at PAF photo

Claire Pareja – e-commerce manager at PAF

Like PAF, use Spaag to help you achieve your growth goals with high-performance, scalable growth hacking strategies and millimeter execution.