SportEasy: plus 43% of club creation despite the context of covid19

54% of new clubs created from digital advertising campaigns

Founded in 2010, SportEasy is a web and mobile application for all amateur sports teams (football, rugby, basketball, hand, volleyball, hockey…). The app brings together, in one tool, everything coaches and players need to structure and animate the life of their team.

SportEasy – Spaag: The meeting

SportEasy is calling on Spaag at a time when they want to accelerate on their marketing initiatives, and more specifically on paid acquisition. Without a dedicated resource within their startup, the idea was to be quickly operational and multi-skills, without recruitment and training time – but also to prepare for the future by training one of their collaborators on these topics and by thinking with Spaag about the structure of their future marketing team.

SportEasy's challenges

  • Introducing paid acquisition campaigns with a 58% increase in media budget compared to N-1
  • Acquisition launched on new SportEasy Club offer
  • Demonstrate the scalability of the Club offer

Strategy and levers put in place by Spaag


  • Creating and implementing a lead generation strategy through paid acquisition channels: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Youtube Ads, Apple search Ads and Linkedin Ads
  • Campaign management at ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) and target CPA
  • Constant learning and in-depth analysis of advertising content (formats, visuals and texts) and audiences: more than 100 content tested in 4 months


  • Production of visual content (image, video, gifs) and editorials that perform and adapted for Ads


  • Strategic recommendation of email automation scenarios to convert existing and incoming leads


  • Business and editorial animation: calendar of organic publications on social networks
  • Creating a training program to generate leads during the second containment

The results achieved

  • 43% of clubs created during the 2020 sports season versus N-1
  • 16% team creation over the 2020-year period versus N-1
  • 54% of new clubs created from ads

"We were able to rely on a quasi-internal resource in their understanding of our issues, especially for paid acquisition topics. Spaag has been rigorous in reporting, monitoring, continuously improving the campaign structure and associated content."

Nizar Melki, co-founder of Sport Easy photo

Nizar Melki, co-founder of Sport Easy

Like SportEasy, use Spaag to help you achieve your growth goals with high-performance, scalable growth hacking strategies and millimeter execution.

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