Why delegating your digital marketing will take you on a growth line

Startup founder, SME executive or marketing manager, whether you’re starting a business, growing, or launching a new offering, you aim for the success and growth of your business, and digital marketing is an essential ingredient.

You want to integrate it into your strategic actions, but you lack time, knowledge or resources, and your actions prove ineffective or insufficient in relation to your expectations?  

Our clients have also asked themselves the question of internal recruitment or the choice of an external agency. We have provided them with the intermediate solution, allowing them to delegate their digital marketing.

Having a dedicated marketing team over a defined period of time quickly guarantees you lasting results. Our expert profiles are proficient in technical subjects. They provide you with the necessary operational excellence in this area, which gives you time to build an in-house team. No more doubts or risk-taking! A dedicated marketing project manager accompanies you every day to help you achieve your results with technical experts.

You control costs

Rather than investing in an in-house marketing division, which means monthly and fixed costs, you occasionally call on a delegated team that adapts to your current needs. You will only pay for the defined service, with the option of adding a variable share to the performance so that everyone is aligned with the objectives. No additional fixed fees, guaranteed flexibility and guaranteed result.

You are surrounded by technical experts

Working hand-in-hand with you and your team to achieve your growth goals. You can focus on your core business, where you’re best!And you keep a global vision and full transparency access to all projects for precise management. We set up a method and a ROIste mindset for you in all digital marketing actions. We ensure that you make the most of your marketing investments to build a sustainable growth strategy. Delegate this work to our technical experts while tracking actions and results in real time with interactive and personalized dashboards.

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You benefit from proven expertise and multiple skills

Delegate your digital marketing to a team that masters and controls all the levers: SEO, Facebook Ads, Google ads, etc. But also all the other techniques of the sales tunnel (e.g. emailing automation, inbound marketing, content creation…) to improve loyalty and profitability over the long term. These skills have been acquired through the different sectors and stages of maturity of our clients. They allow us to be extremely flexible and proactive and help you gain a marketing vision integrated into your overall business vision.

You improve your brand image

Calling on professionals who also work with other clients and are faced with other issues gives you a fresh look at your business. The ideas, proposals and solutions that will be brought to you will allow you to go faster to the point (thanks to the knowledge of the market, trends, what works), while testing and confirming your intuitions with data. In addition, the synergies of the actions carried out in coherence on all the levers will allow you to improve your brand image. 


You save precious time

Delegating allows you to take a step back from your marketing activity. Indeed, acquiring digital marketing skills on the fly, applying them and testing them to validate them is extremely time consuming. Instead, spend this time developing your project, especially during key periods for you, such as fundraising, hyper-growth or exit

We accompany you in training

the person responsible for in-house marketing or in the recruitment of a future talent and his training. We help you determine when and the right profile to build an in-house team. Delegating this task allows you to prepare the next generation serenely.

Our marketing and communication skills are multiple and adapt to your needs. For example, we can intervene on the following topics:

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The Sparkling Agency is able to meet all your expectations!

Our team of digital marketing experts will offer you the best solution according to your needs. As a dedicated marketing team, we are here to assist you in the development of your projects, supporting and supporting you. Our customers trust us and integrate us into their team to achieve a common goal. Why can’t you?